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U-T columnist Michael Smolens takes stock of the debate over accessory dwelling units and writes about the implied and direct accusations of bigotry at the center housing density matters at the state and local level.

The implied threat was that the cops might send Klepikov to the United States, which has much harsher criminal sentencing laws than most of the world.

“Call me when the plane leaves the ground,” she said, in a tone that implied she knew her husband well.

In doing so, he implied the obsolescence of that most embedded of British watering holes, the pub.

It was a duel on a larger scale, with all the uncertainty and danger that implied.

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will implied in an interview that Ebola may be airborne.

But Francis has also implied that his hands are tied when it comes to changing doctrine or altering church teachings.

It would be a modest guess that Accadian culture implied a growth of at least ten thousand years.

Their conference was short; but it implied to Louis, that his delegated reign, as well as that of his father, was at an end.

The high rank, the great riches of his father he rather implied than definitely mentioned.

That was by no means what Garnache had implied; still, since it really expressed his mind, he did not trouble to correct Marius.

Louis would not think twice on the implied suspicions against himself, which every sentence of the letter contained.


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