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verb as in trespass

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So when I see that, I knew that, Oh, I’m doing something that impinges on something personal to them, and perhaps they have been using these conventional measures.

Justice Department guidelines require approval from the attorney general to investigate or charge a member of the news media with a crime, to ensure that law enforcement does not impinge upon freedom of the press.

What’s more, if my hike is already impinged by sprockets, I don’t really need them to quantify their annoyance as if doing me a grand favor.

If they rule in favor of the Catholic foster mothers and CSS, they risk impinging on the rights of LGBTQ Americans—and possibly others—not just among foster agencies, but in any government-sponsored program.

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A lot of rank-and-file voters will take notice when big brands speak out against measures that impinge on Americans’ right to vote.

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Things are distant, but in so far as they impinge at all, not unpleasant.

Nor does it impinge on "the fundamental right of privacy guaranteed by the United States Constitution."

Hines's pictures don't make us feel miserable enough, for the misery of their subjects to impinge fully on us.

What could come closer to the anti-retinal position of Duchamp than paintings so dark they can barely impinge on our retinas?

The new guidelines do not impinge on the free-trade agreement or other agreements governing cultural and sports exchanges.

It is strange at such times how trivial things impinge on the consciousness with a shock as of something important and immense.

The imagination of the line is meant to be impressed by the spectacle of the heavy mass about to impinge on it.

There the tone is straightened out, and made to impinge on the roof of the mouth at a precisely defined point.

It did not impinge on his own jealously guarded circle of activity, on his own task of bringing a fugitive to justice.

Is such quick acceptance found now where Easterns and Westerns impinge?


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