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Thus, these thousands of known exoplanets are only the tip of the figurative exoplanet iceberg.

This is when he switched from abstraction to a style of figurative art engaged both with brute politics and the existential comedy and influenced by underground comics.

If we retain these essential accommodations, we can open the figurative office doors to more workers with disabilities than ever before.

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They’re warming us up for the show ahead, promising great wonders to come as they set up for us that figurative fourth wall we all love so much.

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Just as Google and social media have enabled each of us to reach into the figurative diaries and desk drawers of anyone we might be curious about, law enforcement agencies today have access to powerful new engines of data processing and association.

Bauer literally had a Rosebud moment, but may not have had a figurative one.

No, says the confused C.K, who expected the figurative nature of his statement to be obvious.

Cheshire is less interested in the literal, chromosomal answer than the figurative one.

In that moment, Will has fully embraced the figurative dark side.

In a figurative way, palimpsest refers to an object or place that reflects its own history.

To use your figurative language, when this wormeaten monarchy is broken, what will come out of the ruins?

There is a generally accepted division of language into literal and figurative.

When a person says, “He is a bright boy,” he has used the word “bright” in a sense that is not literal; the use is figurative.

Figurative language employs words with meanings not strictly literal, but varying from their ordinary definitions.

The concentrations are figurative, but may be taken to represent actual concentrations, such as 0.015 molar, etc.


On this page you'll find 30 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to figurative, such as: allegorical, descriptive, fanciful, florid, metaphoric, and metaphorical.

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