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I generally do not bother the officers because they do not usually answer my questions and only offer me evasive answers and lies.

Some make the virus more evasive when faced with antibodies and other immune system cells.

PFAS have been evasive, found in everyday products like drinking water, and now, even amid growing calls for cleaner and safer beauty products, scientists have found them in makeup.

Whenever I asked questions about me, or them, or Germany—or whatever, they were extremely evasive and even as a kid my intuition indicated that something just was not right about that.

Derkach has always denied this, and he grew evasive when I pressed about his ties to Moscow.

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The law caught up with him; he was unwisely evasive about exactly which drugs he sold.

He did not however say that Putin lied, but rather that the Russian president's response was "suspiciously narrow" and evasive.

I've never seen London Mayor Boris Johnson look so awkward, evasive, and non-credible as in this BBC interview.

Newton escaped the world through nuttiness, Darwin through elaborate evasive courtesies and by farming out the politics to Huxley.

The rhetoric was mostly as empty of substance and evasive on details as a Paul Ryan budget.

With his evasive singularity was mingled a certain exotic odour like the distant perfume of a country well loved of the sun.

The weaknesses of Fieldas revealed in his two independent comedieswere of a nature more evasive, less capable of definition.

This time the monk was caught; but, in accordance with the habit of his brethren, his answer was as it was meant to be, evasive.

Nevertheless, mystified as he was, he concealed the details of their trip under an evasive answer when he returned to his room.

To our questions they returned evasive answers or were silent, and finally asked by what authority we had overhauled them.


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