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Something mysterious may help tip our minds from waking life into slumber.

By all accounts, Riddler Nation had a lot of fun hunting for the mysterious numbers a few weeks back.

She goes back to this mysterious place and then we get her ashes.

Plenty of questions remain about mysterious matter and forces, about the beginnings and the end of the universe, about how the science of the big meshes with quantum mechanics, the science of the very small.

This mysterious ability to hop into someone else’s head—heck, even just to admit that they’re conscious beings with their own minds—is dubbed the “theory of mind.”

“Vicious pecking, avian hysteria, mysterious deaths, and even cannibalism” are the results, he writes.

Perhaps the mysterious Martian methane, and its strange fluctuations, are part of that story.

That reactivity paradoxically is what makes its sudden coming and going mysterious.

Part of that was due to the elimination of the Mysterious Man.

Like Fosse did with Cabaret, Marshall excised two major characters: the Narrator and the Mysterious Man.

The explanation of his mysterious earlier moods offered itself with a clarity that was ghastly.

Lawrence handed the General the mysterious message and Schofield read it with a darkened brow.

This short interval had more than sufficed for De Lucenay's mysterious operations.

After all she, Hilda, possessed some mysterious characteristic more potent than the elegance and the goodness of Janet Orgreave.

Between each group of figures the face of the rock was scored with mysterious signs and rudely limned weapons of war and chase.


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