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She was severely dehydrated and emaciated and had bloody scabs from deep scratches on her face, but she did not have cuts on her feet as would be expected on someone who came to the island over the rocky shoreline.

Too often, we don’t worry about someone’s relationship with food and body unless they’re visibly emaciated, or they’ve lost a significant amount of weight in a short time.

One such story involved Tikiri, a 70-year-old female whose emaciated body sparked international outrage when a photo surfaced on the internet in 2019.

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She wasn’t in such great shape upon arrival — severely emaciated, with lots of unchanneled energy.

Birds with salmonellosis become dehydrated and emaciated, eventually dying of starvation.

The man is emaciated under a white dishdasha and a red headscarf, a burning cigarette glued to his lips.

The vast majority of pro-ana site users were adults, not teenagers, nor were they necessarily emaciated.

The CITES paper also had pictures of the cuddly cubs, emaciated and near death.

If Williams had been in school, someone might have noticed that she was underdressed and emaciated.

Junkies have their own look (emaciated, haunted, sallow) and their own junk names: Doolie, Cash, and Dupré.

He was tall, angular, and emaciated, and his features were cast in a most irregular mould.

Though he had a full, round face and a large head, his body was emaciated and did not develop properly.

The emaciated face turned greenish-yellow, but in a moment he seemed to recover, and continued working.

When she entered the door her eyes fell upon her husband lying in the corner, so weak and emaciated that he could scarcely stir.

He meets a shepherd's daughter, who offers him food out of compassion for his emaciated and miserable condition.


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