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Eventually overcome by his ghastly fascination, Leontius runs toward the corpses and wails, “Look, you damned wretches, take your fill of the fair sight!”

Lyrics on It’s Dark and Hell is Hot made many listeners squirm, especially the ghastly “X-Is Coming,” in which he adapts Freddie Krueger’s nursery rhyme from A Nightmare On Elm Street.

From Time

While touring China in 1986, he described parts of Beijing as “ghastly” and joked with a British student that he would end up “slitty-eyed” if he stayed too long.

Most of Washington’s seasons under Snyder blend together, a ghastly mush of failed quarterbacks, free agent busts and general ineptitude.

We have long known that the natural world is replete with grisly cases of predation, parasitism, a universe of ghastly horrors all generated by natural selection and unleavened by the slightest ethical qualms on the part of perpetrators.

The nation can either accept his ideas or risk ghastly consequences.

And so those closest to the ghastly virus remain deaf to hashtags, and silent.

Watching her drown her sorrows in hooch and then get beat up by Crazy Eyes in the showers was ghastly…but great television.

Like Carina, she remembers a ghastly scene once the American soldiers withdrew.

It was a ghastly tragedy that rattled a nation and became a byword for anti-Semitism in France.

The explanation of his mysterious earlier moods offered itself with a clarity that was ghastly.

In a paroxysm of rage and fear, he gave the final order, and the Well of Cawnpore thereby attained its ghastly immortality.

Native rumors had brought the news of the massacre at Cawnpore, though the ghastly tragedy of the Well was yet to come.

But the simulacra of certain ghastly events that took place under that roof in past days still continue.

He could not fail to note the different effects he and his cousin produced in her—the ghastly difference.


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