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On this page you'll find 19 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to deathlike, such as: cadaverous, corpselike, deadly, gaunt, ghastly, and ghostlike.

How to use deathlike in a sentence

  • He disliked the audible yawn with which Cash manifested his return from the deathlike unconsciousness of sleep.

    Cabin Fever | B. M. Bower
  • During this deathlike preparation, Mr. Wharton, with a feeling nearly allied to that of his son, led Sarah from the apartment.

    The Spy | J. Fenimore Cooper
  • A deathlike coldness was creeping over him, was laying an icy hand upon his heart.

    The Romance of His Life | Mary Cholmondeley
  • Suddenly from the deathlike stillness of the forest there comes a shriek, followed by sounds of commotion.

  • On the morning of the ninth day, Peggy sunk into a deathlike stupor.

    Ernest Linwood | Caroline Lee Hentz

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