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noun as in brood

noun as in issue

noun as in progeny

noun as in seed

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Over the next few years, the breakthrough received widespread media coverage, and when Buri’s hornless descendant graced the cover of Wired magazine in April 2019, it did so as the ostensible face of the livestock industry’s future.

That is, the code of life can now be disguised as a full-fledged viral enemy to train the protein descendants of that code.

The size and spacing of the 106-million-year-old tracks suggest the crocodylomorph was 2 to 3 meters long — a fearsome predator similar in size to its modern descendants, researchers report June 11 in Scientific Reports.

The story (and some DNA evidence) goes, the locals are the descendants of a band of Roman soldiers from 36 B.C.

Washington was a passionate advocate for an intensely practical education for ex-slaves and their descendants.

The discussion of reparations for descendants of slaves saw some chatter this year after a piece in The Atlantic.

The intellectual descendants of Hobbes and Rousseau tend to regard government as either a cure for or a cause of violence.

And their message was one tailored to the disaffected young descendants of Muslim immigrants in Europe.

What the armor-bearer was for the warlike races of old, such is the tchbukdi for their degenerate descendants.

Our voluntary service regulars are the last descendants of those rulers of the ancient world, the Roman Legionaries.

It is very seldom that any pure descendants of the original inhabitants are to be seen; we met with only two.

The Dauphin would be perfectly willing to renounce them for himself and for all his descendants.

Her descendants have been exempted from the taille (poll tax)—a mean and shameful recompense!


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