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adjective as in bright red color

adjective as in new at something

Strongest matches

Strong matches

Weak match

adjective as in (vulgar) virginal

noun as in (vulgar) hymen

Strongest matches

noun as in (vulgar) virginity

Strongest matches

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Example Sentences

This was the case when they were first introduced, making them something businesses considered to be the cherry on top of their SEO efforts, which is still largely the case.

To make BLTs in the winter, I pick up a pint of cherry or grape tomatoes and roast them.

Although I have searched three times, I still can’t find any remnants of that cherry tree he purportedly chopped down.

It has the classic chianti flavors of dried cherry and cocoa from the sangiovese grape, with hints of rosemary and sage.

With the instructor cherry-picking waves, and pushing you into those waves, all you have to do is hoist yourself off the deck and survive that rocky transition, and your work is basically done.

No more allowing people to justify their bigotry by spouting a cherry-picked Bible verse.

Brazen cherry-picking of the information in this story inspired a flood of “Bush Was Right All Along!”

It was a massive hit, and the safety-pin dress a brilliant cartoonish cherry on top of it.

In time they moved into a big house near New York, which they called Cherry Orchard.

But he had later received a call from the Cherry Creek School District saying she was not in class.

Cherry-tree stems, under the name of agriots, constitute a specialty of Austrian manufacture.

Others again will be found of a fine red, having something of a most lovely light cherry tint.

There was then a great deal of old timber about the place and a long avenue of oaks, besides three large cherry orchards.

It was all cherry satin and white lace, the furniture lilliputian, to match the proportions of the room and the lady.

I want Mis' Calvert to taste it, an' when she does she'll say she never knew before what cherry pie could be!


On this page you'll find 47 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to cherry, such as: blooming, cerise, claret, crimson, blushing, and bright red.

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