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In 1690, the English philosopher John Locke wrote of a blind man who associated the sound of a trumpet with the color scarlet, although it is unclear if this was synesthesia or a metaphor, a recurring issue in synesthesia research.

The particles also blew east, resulting in smoggy, scarlet sunsets over the Midwest and Northeast.

Sally Canzoneri’s photo of a patched-together wooden structure is even less red than Asher’s print, since the building’s coat of scarlet paint has almost entirely vanished.

Attaching a scarlet letter to all of them would indeed be problematic.

In this sense, being required to wear an ankle monitor is akin to wearing a criminal record on one’s body—like a digital scarlet letter.

Gang tattoos are still inked onto his face, like scarlet letters.

With scarlet lips and chemical red hair, the erstwhile agent is still making headlines in the West.

“I don't know what they want me as a witness for,” he told reporters, whom he received in scarlet pajamas in the hospital.

She confesses that shame “hung around my neck like a scarlet-A albatross.”

The end credit scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier introduces the new Avengers the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Its pages are filled with the purple gowns of kings and the scarlet trappings of the warrior.

Under the long lashes of low lids a pair of eyes black and insolent set off the haughty lines of her scarlet lips.

The scarlet calico canopy was again set up over the bed, and the woven cradle, on its red manzanita frame, stood near.

As she peered into the face of Dr. Ashton, her own was scarlet and yellow, and her voice rose to a shriek.

It seemed; it truly seemed as if the tide of blue, grey, scarlet specks was submerging the enemy's strongholds.


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