Definition for atmosphere

noun as in gases around the earth

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air, pressure

Strong matches

envelope, heavens, sky, troposphere

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noun as in general feeling or mood

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Example Sentences

As landscapes burn and release carbon dioxide, it helps trap more heat in the atmosphere.

From Vox

The team thinks the nitrogen atmosphere was helpful because it’s less corrosive than oxygen.

Razing forests and peatlands unleashes carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in calamitous amounts.

A sample return mission could be possible, in which a spacecraft flies into the atmosphere and bottles up some gas to bring back to Earth for laboratory analysis.

It felt as if the atmosphere itself was burning right above our heads, and we were trapped beneath it.

From Quartz

The atmosphere on campuses has gotten repressive enough that comedian Chris Rock no longer plays colleges.

There is a long history of official anti-clericalism in Mexico, but the atmosphere in Tierra Caliente goes far beyond that.

However, several probes—most recently the Curiosity rover—have measured methane in the Martian atmosphere.

Visibly affected the by military atmosphere the young man admitted his emotions were volatile.

Over a decade, his teaching often took place in an atmosphere of what one cadet called “wanton disrespect.”

The tops of the hills were laden with thunder-clouds, and the turbid atmosphere laboured with the stifling Sirocco.

The atmosphere seemed drawn taut before him as though it must any instant split open upon a sound of crying.

Meyer Isaacson stood for a moment looking round, feeling the atmosphere of this room, or at least trying to feel it.

This English country and these wonderful old houses, with their inimitable atmosphere, appeal to me very strongly.

Isabel suddenly felt herself and her organdie absurdly out of place in this room with its enchantress atmosphere.


On this page you'll find 59 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to atmosphere, such as: air, pressure, envelope, heavens, sky, and troposphere.

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