Definition for artifact

noun as in antique

Strongest matches

antiquity, heirloom, relic

Strong matches

bygone, monument, rarity, ruin, vestige

Weak match

objet d'art

noun as in fabrication

noun as in handicraft

noun as in relic

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Example Sentences

With offices already reconfiguring open plans, and the possibility that common spaces like snack bars and conference rooms will be off-limits, the literal watercooler conversation could be an artifact of a bygone era.

She worked from attic rooms in the American Museum of Natural History in New York, her main employer, in a nest of field notebooks and tagged artifacts, handwritten letters and typed mimeographs, thousands upon thousands of pages and objects.

Many philosophers and mathematicians at the time thought that arithmetic was merely an artifact of human psychology.

Lombard, however, reserves judgment on the Sri Lankan bone points until high-resolution CT scans are used to probe for damage from high-speed impacts inside the artifacts.

The researchers turned up cultural artifacts along with the fossils.

Today, a lack of provenance often means one of two things: an artifact is forged or an artifact was illegally acquired.

Today, researchers are flummoxed as to the whereabouts of this gargantuan cultural artifact.

Given how infrequently new copies of the map appeared on the market, collectors would bid handsomely for the artifact.

It was such a resounding failure, but I was coming at that conversation as a fan of the movie as a pop culture artifact.

The only identifiable artifact is a perfectly circular slab of concrete.

This artifact reflects silver and pewter salt forms of about 1725.

The crucifix shows us how conventionalization and familiarization set aside all the suggestion which an artifact really carries.

How would an illiterate interact with them in order to get the most out of each artifact?

What is the basis of distinction between that which is an artifact and that which is a real shadow of the metallic substance?

This artifact has been tentatively called a “bull-roarer” because no other purpose can be conjectured.


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