Antonyms for ancients

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The ancients, Sir, are the ancients; but we are the moderns.

I wasn't so enamoured with the ancients as I thought I was; but I was enamoured with your contemplation of my pose.

Other electrical effects were also observed by the ancients.

The lake by which the ancients entered the infernal regions.

Or what is it that their own very names are often counterfeit or borrowed from some books of the ancients?

"We cannot condemn him," replied the priests and the ancients.

And then, how do we know that words had the same meaning to the ancients as they have to us?

Among the ancients, the goddess Venus or Aphrodite was the symbol of beauty and love.

It was, however, one of the ancients who said "I am a man and nothing human can be strange to me."

In common with other ancients they knew the principle of the mariner's compass.