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Some people can become acutely ill without ever showing high viral loads, or only doing so briefly, said Miller, the North Carolina scientist.

Each time they leave their homes to visit a store, they’ll be acutely aware of putting their personal health and safety at risk.

Some of the pushiness came from publishers deemphasizing traditional, and now acutely challenged, advertising.

The blow to morale was felt most acutely in the Justice Department’s criminal division, which is typically a key player in prosecuting election-related offenses and setting department policy in that area, people familiar with the matter said.

Georgia announces hand auditFelicia Sonmez, Colby Itkowitz, John Wagner, Derek HawkinsNovember 12, 2020Washington Post

As a result, its residents are acutely aware of disease-fighting habits like hand-washing and mask wearing.

Yet its members seem acutely aware of the optics of continuing to hoard money while discussions about income inequality and racial justice dominate the discourse.

The rest felt more tired than usual, but were able to maintain or even increase their treadmill performance, meaning they were merely “acutely fatigued.”

We can close our eyes and meditate on the memory, even walk through the details with someone else or in a journal and, often, experience that joy again, sometimes even more acutely.

How to find joy during tough timesBy Angela Gorrell/The ConversationOctober 9, 2020Popular Science

Voters are feeling it acutely now, and voters need to demand more.

What working parents need from the 2020 electionMichal Lev-Ram, writerSeptember 30, 2020Fortune

The poor child felt this so acutely that she became ill, and had to keep her bed for several days.


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.