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Ad hoc use by police of a commercial facial recognition database — with seemingly zero attention paid to local data protection law — evidently does not meet that bar.

The crash of the Sikorsky 76B helicopter last year involved both the left turn as well as the pilot evidently thinking he was climbing when he was in fact descending.

For example, imagine if a button tracks your mouse and jumps around whenever you get close to it, this is quite a self-evidently bad user experience, and this variable aims to capture this.

While certain clues suggest our universe is likely to be a flat one, it could be that it only seems flat, just as the Earth appears self-evidently flat when you’re standing on it.

It’s also, evidently, the kind of place where one designs autonomous drones to launch rockets.

She kept servants and, evidently, three slaves, and entertained academics and philosophers in an elite salon.

Meaning, one was left to discern, that religion is self-evidently a coercive force for ill.

Cuomo was asked to show up an hour early, but he evidently did not want to linger at the debate site.

Welby is self-evidently a progressive person, and a thoughtful, sensitive one.

He evidently believes that control of the 777 was taken over by somebody who gained access to the cockpit.

A distinguished-looking man, evidently vested with authority, bustled forward and addressed him, civilly enough.

I stooped down and asked him how he felt himself, but he made no answer, and evidently did not recollect me.

No one was hurt, although the shot was evidently intended for my party.

Of which the sum is that all the parties to the case are evidently, for the time being, Protestants!

Here the Goat, who evidently was not yet quite started, inquired, "Must all the halves be of the same shape?"


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