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Ancient people probably stopped briefly at Alathar, perhaps while following herds of elephants or other creatures through the region, the researchers say.

Such an experience of the harmony between a landscape and its lifeforms is probably not the result of objective analysis.

Unlike many creatures, it survived the massive volcanic eruptions in what’s now Siberia that upset the chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans and probably triggered the Permian mass extinction about 252 million years ago.

Beetles probably do some actual pollination for the plant, says Santos.

Pactiv Evergreen probably makes the plastic containers that Red Lobster uses to wrap up your leftovers.

From Fortune

If anything the work the two cops and the maintenance guy were doing deserves more respect and probably helped a lot more people.

However, more than 20 players on the ballot this year were probably worthy of being enshrined in Cooperstown.

The plan is to stretch it out as long as possible, then probably forget about it, and then suddenly remember it.

I—I never felt that way about the presidency, as you—as you probably know.

The “pilot flying” was more probably the far less experienced copilot.

A moderately enlarged testis (probably regressing) was noted in the specimen from Pisté, on July 21.

You may, you probably will, differ very widely upon much that I have here put before you.

Results are easily and quickly obtained, and are probably accurate enough for all clinical purposes.

Probably the swallows were nesting in the cenote although the nests were inaccessible to view.

John was baptizing at a large pool called Ænon-by-Saleim,—probably allegorical, meaning “Fountain of Repose.”


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