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adverb as in in theory

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“Renormalization helps us simplify the problem,” said Nathan Seiberg, a theoretical physicist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

This is a theoretical belief, believed with the same passion and conviction as other politically charged theoretical beliefs.

From there, a theoretical distinction emerged where sex refers to facts about biological bodies.

While some of us thought the change was only temporary, maybe for a few weeks, we were actually experiencing the dramatic onset of the theoretical topic we all called “the future of work.”

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Their theoretical exploration suggested — against prevailing wisdom — that graviton noise is in principle observable.

We could theoretically cause a lot of damage should we take that route.

Theoretically, the ship can take on all comers in the air, sea, underwater or on land.

He could, theoretically, present himself as a model citizen who made a mistake while obscuring what the mistakes been.

And so theoretically they could have gone out and made the film without ever being in touch with me.

Barring commercial breaks (or sleep), it would theoretically take about seven days to watch all 25 seasons of ‘The Simpsons.’

This rule, theoretically correct, must be very liberally interpreted in practice.

He applies practically in his work those laws which the scientist furnishes him with theoretically.

Theoretically the periodic sentence is better than the loose sentence; for it economizes attention.

All the frogs produced were males, so that the race (of frogs) could not even be theoretically carried on by that method.

At a later period the control of the Senate over legislation became theoretically less, but practically greater.


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