Definition for instinct

noun as in gut feeling, idea

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Example Sentences

“I have a survivalist instinct,” said Ben, a 28-year-old New Yorker.

Certainly my instinct is to identify with the police, no matter the circumstance.

In a flash he deflects the shot, with the speed of instinct, right past the goalkeeper.

The human desire for knowledge and exploration is an absolute good, and we need to follow that instinct.

Perhaps his conservative political instinct will ultimately keep Murdoch from plunging fully into the yes camp.

It seems to be a true instinct which comes before education and makes education possible.

Imitation of the ways of their elders doubtless plays a part here, but it is aided by an instinct for adornment.

Long before reason found the answer, instinct—swift, merciless interpreter—told him plainly.

From the movement behind him Marius guessed almost by instinct that Garnache had drawn back for a lunge.

He believes, he has an instinct, that here is the heel of the German Colossus, otherwise immune to our arrows.


On this page you'll find 39 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to instinct, such as: aptitude, feeling, hunch, impulse, inclination, and intuition.

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