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utilize is a synonym of use

verb [ yoot-l-ahyz ]

utilize is another word for use

Use means to employ something for a purpose (Use a knife and fork).

Utilize means to put something to use, in a practical, profitable, or otherwise worthwhile way (He utilized the broken vase by turning it into a planter).

Use is a much more general word that has a variety of meanings (I typically use vinegar to clean my house).

Utilize is more specific, often emphasizing making use of something in order to make a profit (We decided to utilize my design skills in our new business).

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melancholy is a synonym of sad

adjective [ mel-uhn-kol-ee ]

melancholy is another word for sad

Sad describes a feeling of unhappiness, grief, or sorrow. It can also describe something that expresses or causes these feelings (a sad song; feeling sad after a disappointment).

Melancholy describes a feeling of mournfulness, pensiveness, or depression. It can also describe something that expresses or causes these feelings (a long and melancholy poem; I feel melancholy when I visit the sea).

Sad emphasizes a feeling caused by an event or happening, whereas melancholy emphasizes a state of mind, a particularly long-lasting feeling, or a personality trait (He’s a quiet, melancholy person; She was sad after she had to cancel her party).

Melancholy can often suggest a deeper or more enduring sense of unhappiness or misery than sad, while sad can suggest a sharper or more immediate feeling.

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comprehend is a synonym of understand

verb [ kom-pri-hend ]

comprehend is another word for understand

Understand and comprehend mean very similar things. Understand suggests grasping something fully, including its implications or implicit or unspoken elements (I understand exactly what she means, though she won’t state it outright).

Comprehend suggests thoroughly understanding something, and how it relates to other concepts or facts (I comprehend the causes of World War One).

Understand is less formal and more commonly used than comprehend (I understand geometry).

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