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fluctuate is a synonym of change

verb [ fluhk-choo-eyt ]

fluctuate is another word for change

Change refers to something that has become different, whether in state, form, or mood, from what it was before (The seasons change quickly here).

✅ To fluctuate means to change in a continuous and often irregular way (The sound of the building work fluctuated but never went away).

Change suggests a single instance of becoming different (The cost of noodles changed in response to the supply chain), while fluctuate suggests that change is the natural state—there’s no before and after (The exchange rate fluctuated constantly).

Write a paragraph describing fluctuating weather with the help of Grammar Coach.

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stunning is a synonym of beautiful

adjective [ stuhn-ing ]

stunning is another word for beautiful

Beautiful and stunning both describe very pretty things or people. Beautiful describes something that gives the viewer pleasure or delight (a beautiful view).

Stunning describes something particularly beautiful, especially in a way that causes astonishment or delight (a stunning dress).

Stunning is more intense than beautiful (a beautiful painting; a stunning sunset).

Stunning can also mean something that stuns you, like a punch that stops you in your tracks. When describing beauty, it’s a metaphorical use of this sense.

Describe a stunning suit or gown with the help of Grammar Coach.

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nevertheless is a synonym of however

adverb [ nev-er-thuh-les ]

nevertheless is another word for however

However and nevertheless can both be used to connect statements that seem contradictory or opposing.

However is a word that can connect two statements that are in opposition, but are still both true, or two statements that should be considered together to get a full picture of the situation (I am sad about this, however, I am happy to have known ahead of time).

Nevertheless is a word that connects two statements where the second statement shouldn’t be forgotten because it is an important factor (It often seems impossible to make a difference, nevertheless we should try).

However is generally used to mean ‘on the other hand’, whereas nevertheless means ‘in spite of that’.

Try using nevertheless in an argument explaining why you should go out to eat today with the help of Grammar Coach.

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