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suffuse is a synonym of saturate

verb [ suh-fyooz ]

suffuse is another word for saturate

Saturate means to soak completely (The cloth was saturated with her perfume).

Suffuse means to flood through something, or to be overspread with something (The sky was suffused with pink even an hour after the sun had set).

Saturate and suffuse both suggest that something is so full of something else that encountering that thing is unavoidable, like water in a sponge. Saturate particularly focuses on the idea of being full or overfull of something or being infused with something (The market was saturated with knock-off handbags).

Suffuse can suggest being spread over by something or integrated with something (He was suffused with gratitude for her kindness).

Write about the colors that suffuse the sky at dawn with the help of Grammar Coach.

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precept is a synonym of principle

noun [ pree-sept ]

precept is another word for principle

✅ A principle is a rule of conduct, or other basic and defining rule or law (A guiding principle is to treat other people how you want to be treated).

✅ A precept is a commandment, direction, or order, given as a rule of conduct (The founding precepts of her religion).

Principle can be used especially to refer to basic rules that guide actions or behaviors, or that form the basis of a scientific discipline (The principles of mathematics).

Precept suggests a law or rule that has been given by some sort of authority—whether that’s a person, an organization, or a document (The book gave a set of precepts for healthful living).

Describe a precept that you live your life by with the help of Grammar Coach.

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luminous is a synonym of light

adjective [ loo-muh-nuhs ]

luminous is another word for light

Light describes something that is bright or well-lit (The office was very light).

Luminous describes something that is illuminated with lights or well-lit (The luminous church).

Light particularly describes something that has a lot of light, especially colors (It was getting light outside by six o'clock).

Luminous particularly describes something that seems to glow, often but not always because of reflected or artificial light (The moon was particularly luminous that night).

Write about something that takes place in a luminous room, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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