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patronize is a synonym of frequent

verb [ pey-truh-nahyz, pa- ]

patronize is another word for frequent

Frequent means to visit somewhere often, or be somewhere on a regular basis (I frequent the park at the end of my street).

Patronize also means to go somewhere regularly and, generally, to spend money there (He patronizes the cafe on the corner).

Frequent emphasizes going to a place often because you particularly enjoy it (He frequents the library, even outside of exam season).

Patronize emphasizes financially supporting a place or establishment through regular visits (I like to patronize local businesses).

Describe a place you like to patronize with the help of Grammar Coach.

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lithe is a synonym of nimble

adjective [ lahyth ]

lithe is another word for nimble

Nimble describes someone who moves quickly and lightly, in an agile and often neat and precise way (A nimble climber).

Lithe describes someone who is particularly flexible, and can imply being agile (A lithe gymnast).

Nimble particularly emphasizes quickness and precision, whereas lithe emphasizes flexibility in movement.

Lithe generally refers to a way of moving the whole body (He was a lithe dancer), whereas nimble can be used of specific body parts as well, like hands or feet (His nimble fingers danced across the piano).

Describe a lithe person at a recital or other event with the help of Grammar Coach.

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nosh is a synonym of eat

verb [ nosh ]

nosh is another word for eat

Eat means to consume food (I decided to eat pizza for dinner).

Nosh means to eat, usually between meals (I bought some popcorn for us to nosh during the movie).

Eat is the more general word, and nosh is both informal and more specific.

✅ While nosh is generally a verb, it can be used as a noun, like meal or snack, and suggests a simple and enjoyable meal (We decided to stop for a nosh at that little Greek place).

Describe your favorite snack to nosh on at the movies, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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