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customarily is a synonym of ordinarily

adverb [ kuhs-tuh-mer-uh-lee, kuhs-tuh-mair-uh-lee ]

customarily is another word for ordinarily

Ordinarily means most of the time, or generally (Ordinarily, he gets up at seven and makes coffee).

Customarily refers to something done by habit or custom (Customarily we bring cake into work on someone’s birthday).

✅ While these two words have a similar meaning, they emphasize different things. Ordinarily refers to what you normally do (Ordinarily, we take the shortcut home), whereas customarily refers to something you do because of custom, whether that’s a local or cultural custom, or a family custom (Customarily, we end the festival with a bonfire and a song).

Ordinarily suggests something that you do very often, or more often than not, whereas customarily generally suggests something that you do in certain circumstances or contexts.

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nomadic is a synonym of itinerant

adjective [ noh-mad-ik ]

nomadic is another word for itinerant

Itinerant and nomadic both can suggest traveling around on a defined circuit, being in certain places at certain times.

Itinerant describes traveling from place to place, generally to do your job or to find work. It can suggest periods of traveling between periods of work (an itinerant worker; an itinerant artist).

Nomadic describes a style of living in which you move from place to place, as a person or community, often on a seasonal basis or to follow a food supply (a nomadic culture; a nomadic lifestyle).

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patronize is a synonym of frequent

verb [ pey-truh-nahyz, pa- ]

patronize is another word for frequent

Frequent means to visit somewhere often, or be somewhere on a regular basis (I frequent the park at the end of my street).

Patronize also means to go somewhere regularly and, generally, to spend money there (He patronizes the cafe on the corner).

Frequent emphasizes going to a place often because you particularly enjoy it (He frequents the library, even outside of exam season).

Patronize emphasizes financially supporting a place or establishment through regular visits (I like to patronize local businesses).

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