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unify is a synonym of unite

verb [ yoo-nuh-fahy ]

unify is another word for unite

Unite means to join things together to become one, but it can also mean to be of one mind with someone (We united the two companies into one; A common language united them).

Unify means to make something become a single unit, often figuratively (The cause unified the whole nation).

Unite is used in a lot of different ways while unify is used more narrowly.

Unify can mean to bring together two things that conflict into one coherent whole or to bring together a group of people in some way, such as melding two teams into one or giving people a sense of mutual identity (We were unified by our disgust of the king).

Write about a leader unifying two factions with the help of Grammar Coach.

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accountable is a synonym of responsible

adjective [ uh-koun-tuh-buhl ]

accountable is another word for responsible

✅ Both responsible and accountable describe being obligated to take responsibility for your actions, or for something that happened while you were in charge, and answer for what happened (I was responsible for the whole department; The captain was held accountable for the failure of the mission).

✅ While they have a similar meaning, these words emphasize different elements. Responsible generally suggests being in charge of something (I was responsible for ordering the cakes).

Accountable often implies having to answer for something (She was accountable to the boss for the actions of her team).

Write about a time you were held accountable for someone else’s actions, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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posit is a synonym of suppose

verb [ poz-it ]

posit is another word for suppose

Suppose and posit can both mean to assume or suggest something to be true.

Suppose has a wider meaning, as it can mean to assume something is true in general or to assume something is true for a certain purpose (I suppose you’ll be too tired to go out tonight).

Posit is less common and has a meaning similar to hypothesize, and means assuming that something is true often to base an argument or theory on it (Some physicists have posited the existence of long-lived supermassive particles).

Posit something in an argument with the help of Grammar Coach.

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