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advocate is a synonym of supporter

noun [ ad-vuh-kit, -keyt ]

advocate is another word for supporter

Supporter refers to someone who sustains or maintains another person or a thing (Her supporters rallied around her after the scandal).

Advocate refers to someone who openly and publicly supports and defends a person or cause, often in writing or through campaigning. Advocate suggests that the person or cause particularly needs support or defense (He was a devoted advocate for animal welfare).

Supporter is a more general word, and can refer to someone who supports a person or cause, and can also refer to a fan of a sports team (She was a supporter of the local baseball team).

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presume is a synonym of assume

verb [ pri-zoom ]

presume is another word for assume

✅ Both assume and presume mean to suppose that something is true, without proof (I assume you will be out for a few hours; I presume you’ll want dinner).

✅ The key difference between assume and presume is the amount of evidence you have to suppose something. Assume suggests that you have no real evidence for your assumption (I assumed she would be at the concert).

Presume suggests that you have some evidence based on context. Therefore, a presumption is more likely to be accurate (I presumed you’d be overwhelmed after the party).

✅ When you presume something, you’re usually doing so because of something that has happened before—such as a similar occurrence, or a previous conversation (Because you don’t like fish, I presumed you’d want chicken). Assume suggests that the supposition is out of nowhere (I don’t know why I assumed you’d be upset).

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captivating is a synonym of charming

adjective [ kap-tuh-vey-ting ]

captivating is another word for charming

Charming describes someone or something that is pleasing or delightful (The house was charming).

Captivating describes someone or something that is magnetic, and holds your attention because of beauty or excellence (a captivating dancer).

Charming and captivating can both describe character traits. Charming suggests friendliness, wit and gregariousness (He was very charming, and made us feel at ease).

Captivating suggests attractiveness, either in looks or actions, and also can suggest a sense of mysteriousness (She didn’t say much, but everything she said was captivating).

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