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rejuvenation is a synonym of renewal

noun [ ri-joo-vuh-ney-shuhn ]

rejuvenation is another word for renewal

Renewal refers to the state of being new again, or seeming like new. Renewal also suggests a feeling of being young again or returning to a previous state of mental and emotional health (The subscription was up for renewal; The spa promised rest and renewal).

Rejuvenation refers to making someone feel younger and healthier, or returning something to a previous and better state (I was filled with a sense of rejuvenation after the meal; The garden was in need of rejuvenation).

✅ While renewal has a more general meaning and covers all different kinds of making things like new (Spring brought joy and renewal), rejuvenation generally suggests a return of vigor and enthusiasm (Economic rejuvenation made the town an exciting place to live again).

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strategic is a synonym of important

adjective [ struh-tee-jik ]

strategic is another word for important

Important describes something that matters very much, or is of great significance and consequence (an important conversation).

Strategic describes something that is important to a strategy, or that makes particularly good or efficient use of resources in pursuit of a goal (a strategic move in chess).

Important is more general than strategic. While an important decision might also be a strategic decision, strategic suggests something in line with a larger plan (The hill fort was in a strategic position, in case of attack).

Strategic is associated with good decision-making and efficient use of time and resources. Important can sometimes sound weaker because it’s a common and general word.

Write about a criminal mastermind known for making strategic decisions, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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bequeath is a synonym of entrust

verb [ bih-kweeth, -kweeth ]

bequeath is another word for entrust

Entrust means to place responsibility for something in someone, on the understanding that they will protect or take care of that thing, whether it’s physical or intangible (We entrusted him with our safety; I decided to entrust her with the secret).

Bequeath means to give someone something as part of an inheritance or through a will (I have decided to bequeath my favorite chair to my grandchild).

Bequeath used to mean the same as entrust, though that sense isn’t used any more.

Bequeath can however still imply an element of trusting someone to take care of something, as part of allowing them to inherit it (My son is irresponsible, so I decided to bequeath the car to my daughter instead).

Write about someone who was bequeathed a magical sword, using Grammar Coach.

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