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bequeath is a synonym of entrust

verb [ bih-kweeth, -kweeth ]

bequeath is another word for entrust

Entrust means to place responsibility for something in someone, on the understanding that they will protect or take care of that thing, whether it’s physical or intangible (We entrusted him with our safety; I decided to entrust her with the secret).

Bequeath means to give someone something as part of an inheritance or through a will (I have decided to bequeath my favorite chair to my grandchild).

Bequeath used to mean the same as entrust, though that sense isn’t used any more.

Bequeath can however still imply an element of trusting someone to take care of something, as part of allowing them to inherit it (My son is irresponsible, so I decided to bequeath the car to my daughter instead).

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sophisticated is a synonym of mature

adjective [ suh-fis-ti-key-tid ]

sophisticated is another word for mature

Mature describes someone or something that is fully developed. A person described as mature is responsible and has a fully adult approach to the world (She was mature for her age).

Mature can also mean being sensible about something (a mature approach to finances).

Sophisticated describes someone who is educated and cultured, and through that education has a well-developed understanding of something (A sophisticated sense of color and design).

Sophisticated especially (but not necessarily) suggests being educated in the things considered valuable by high society (sophisticated taste in wine).

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pinpoint is a synonym of identify

verb [ pin-point ]

pinpoint is another word for identify

Identify means to recognize someone or something as a particular person or thing (She could identify the handwriting as being her sister’s).

Pinpoint means to locate or describe something exactly, as if you were putting a pin in it (pinpoint the location).

Pinpoint can sometimes be used interchangeably with identify: you can both identify and pinpoint a problem or cause, for instance.

Pinpoint suggests a narrow and exact, and sometimes more accurate, understanding or identification, while identify sometimes, but not always, suggests a less narrow recognition (We identified what was wrong, and then pinpointed the specific issue).

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