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toponym is a synonym of placename

noun [ top-uh-nim ]

toponym is another word for placename

✅ A placename is the name of a geographical place (The placenames where she lived were long and hard to remember).

✅ A toponym is a name of a geographical place or a name derived from the name of a place (It’s trendy to use toponyms as baby names, like Georgia or Brooklyn).

Placename and toponym mean the same thing, though toponym has a slightly broader meaning. In fact, toponym is literally translated as “placename” from Greek—top- “place,” and the suffix -nym (or -onym) meaning “name”!

Placename is a more commonly used term than toponym.

Try writing about the origin of a toponym, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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metonym is a synonym of synonym

noun [ met-uh-nim ]

metonym is another word for synonym

✅ A synonym is a word that means the same, or nearly the same, as another word (Loud is a synonym for noisy).

✅ A metonym is a word or phrase that is used to stand in for a larger, related concept (The crown is a metonym for the royal family).

✅ A metonym is a kind of synonym, but synonym has a wider meaning.

✅ Lots of words ending in -nym have something to do with words or names, especially words and names that can stand in for others.

Try writing a sentence about something that you know by its metonym, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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driven is a synonym of motivated

adjective [ driv-uhn ]

driven is another word for motivated

Motivated and driven can be used interchangeably, and describe someone who works hard.

 Motivated describes someone who does something quickly and well because of an internal or external motive (a motivated student), while driven describes someone who feels compelled to succeed (a driven employee).

✅ Motivated suggests an eagerness that doesn’t have to be based on a desire for success (He was motivated to finish his day’s work by the promise of pizza).

Driven specifically focuses on the desire for success (She was driven, and wouldn’t stop until she won the tournament).

Try describing a driven student, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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