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reasonable is a synonym of logical

adjective [ ree-zuh-nuh-buhl, reez-nuh- ]

reasonable is another word for logical

Logical describes something that agrees with or behaves according to logic (a logical argument).

Reasonable describes something that suggests good judgment and reasoning (a reasonable choice for dinner). It can also describe something that’s realistic, fair, and not excessive.

Logical and reasonable are pretty close. However, emotional and social context can be included in a reasonable decision making process, but less so in a logical decision making process (He’s the logical decision to be the leader, but I’m concerned about his health).

Reasonable can suggest that you’re responding to people’s needs and demands in a way that logical doesn’t (She was reasonable in her requests of her employees).

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accomplished is a synonym of experienced

adjective [ uh-kom-plisht ]

accomplished is another word for experienced

Experienced describes someone who has become knowledgeable in or about something because of long-term work or study in that field (an experienced diver).

Accomplished describes someone who is very skilled in something, to the point of being an expert (an accomplished violinist).

Experienced emphasizes the length of time someone has been gaining and applying their knowledge (She was an experienced leader).

✅ Accomplished implies having achieved a lot, perhaps even awards, in a given field (They are an accomplished climber).

Go beyond the adjective experienced, and write about something you’re accomplished in, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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mentor is a synonym of advise

verb [ men-tawr, -ter ]

mentor is another word for advise

Advise refers to giving information to others in order to help them to make good choices (She can advise you on the right thing to do).

Mentor refers to training and supporting someone less experienced than you, and sharing your knowledge with them (I was asked to mentor the new employees).

Mentor implies an ongoing relationship in which the mentor is available over a period of time to give advice and support (I spent weeks mentoring him in swordfighting). Advise implies a single instance of giving advice or information (I advised him not to fight the dragon).

✅ Don’t undersell your experience on your résumé! Using advise about something you did centers your knowledge and communication skills. Using mentor centers your ability to guide, train and support others.

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