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frazzled is a synonym of worn-out

adjective [ fraz-uhld ]

frazzled is another word for worn-out

Worn-out describes being exhausted, like your energy and enthusiasm has been used up (I felt worn-out after the long flight).

Frazzled describes feeling fatigued and even somewhat flustered (I was so frazzled after the party).

Worn-out suggests being particularly and intensely exhausted (I took a holiday because I was feeling worn-out).

Frazzled is a more informal word and suggests feeling tired in a way that makes you easily overwhelmed, makes you feel stressed out, or reduces your ability to think clearly (I was too frazzled to talk to anyone after my rough day at work).

If this hasn’t tired you out, check out these frazzled synonyms.

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wellspring is a synonym of origin

noun [ wel-spring ]

wellspring is another word for origin

Origin refers to the source of something, where something comes from, or where it is derived from (She comes from humble origins; single-origin coffee).

Wellspring refers to the source of something, often implying that the thing will not run out and is inexhaustible (He was a wellspring of kindness).

Origin is much more common and refers to the place or moment something began, or its first stage of existence (The origin of the idea).

Wellspring is used to refer to a source of something that won’t run out, rather than the point where something began (Her friend group was a wellspring of support).

We hope to be a wellspring of words for you—start your journey with these synonyms.

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nascent is a synonym of incipient

adjective [ nas-uhnt, ney-suhnt ]

nascent is another word for incipient

Incipient describes something that is in an early stage, and is only just beginning to exist or appear (an incipient headache).

Nascent describes something that is beginning to exist or just beginning to develop (She was one of the first stars of the nascent film industry).

Incipient and nascent are similar, though nascent focuses slightly more on development and growth (The nascent political movement), and incipient on appearing or emerging (We spotted the incipient problems before they got out of hand).

Incipient and nascent are both pretty unusual words, and you won’t see them quite as often as synonyms like growing or burgeoning.

Describe a nascent storm with the help of Grammar Coach.

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