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devotion is a synonym of love

noun [ dih-voh-shuhn ]

devotion is another word for love

Love is a deeply tender, passionate affection for another person. It can also be a strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for something (Their love was so deep, it changed them; He had a love of books).

Devotion is an intense love and steadfast, enduring loyalty to a person; it may also imply consecration to a cause (She showed her devotion to her parents by visiting every weekend; Their devotion to the civil rights movement was commendable).

Love is used more broadly than devotion, and refers to a feeling that can exist without effort, while devotion typically indicates earnest dedication.

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audacious is a synonym of adventurous

adjective [ aw-dey-shuhs ]

audacious is another word for adventurous

Adventurous describes someone who likes to go on adventures, or something that requires courage to undertake or is risky (Paragliding is a bit too adventurous for me).

Audacious describes someone or something that is extremely bold or brave, or that is original and inventive (He had an audacious sense of style).

Adventurous and audacious both describe things that are risky or bold. Both words, when describing a person, suggest reckless bravery.

Adventurous particularly emphasizes excitement, whereas audacious emphasizes being fearless (He was adventurous with his cooking even when he had guests; She sent an audacious email to the CEO, and got hired).

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perceptive is a synonym of intuitive

adjective [ per-sep-tiv ]

perceptive is another word for intuitive

Intuitive describes someone who can understand or identify something without going through a rational thought process: they perceive through their gut feelings (She was very intuitive, and easily anticipated what I wanted).

Perceptive describes someone who understands things easily and keenly, often through their senses (They were perceptive and always picked up on the subtleties of an argument).

Intuitive and perceptive both refer to people who are insightful. Intuitive emphasizes instinctive knowledge, whereas perceptive instead centers rational understanding (Despite a limited background, he had an intuitive grasp of the topic; The teacher was impressed by her perceptive questions).

Perceptive can also be used to describe having a sympathetic understanding of other people’s emotions (The therapist was perceptive enough to know how his body language might make clients feel).

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