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dramatize is a synonym of exaggerate

verb [ dram-uh-tahyz, drah-muh- ]

dramatize is another word for exaggerate

Exaggerate means to make something sound more intense, more important, or bigger than it actually is (He was known to exaggerate his stories more with each retelling; She exaggerated the size of the house).

Dramatize means to express something in a dramatic way, by representing it in vivid or striking terms (The play dramatized the events of the king’s reign).

Exaggerate and dramatize can mean the same thing, but you can express something in a dramatic way without necessarily exaggerating it, and you can exaggerate something without expressing it in a dramatic way (He dramatized the story by giving every character a different voice; She exaggerated their adventures to the point that people thought they really had met a dragon).

Dramatize primarily refers to the way something is expressed, whereas exaggerate primarily refers to what is being expressed.

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hospitality is a synonym of warmth

noun [ hos-pi-tal-i-tee ]

hospitality is another word for warmth

Warmth refers to friendliness, emotional intimacy, and cordiality (His warmth and kindness made me feel at ease).

Hospitality refers to receiving guests in a friendly or generous way, whether your guests are friends or strangers (I was so grateful for their hospitality—they gave me a bed and a meal without me even asking).

✅ A person who exhibits hospitality also often exhibits warmth. However, warmth refers to a wider range of friendliness, affection, and intimacy than hospitality does (She was famous for her warmth towards strangers; He was known for his hospitality toward his friends).

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customarily is a synonym of ordinarily

adverb [ kuhs-tuh-mer-uh-lee, kuhs-tuh-mair-uh-lee ]

customarily is another word for ordinarily

Ordinarily means most of the time, or generally (Ordinarily, he gets up at seven and makes coffee).

Customarily refers to something done by habit or custom (Customarily we bring cake into work on someone’s birthday).

✅ While these two words have a similar meaning, they emphasize different things. Ordinarily refers to what you normally do (Ordinarily, we take the shortcut home), whereas customarily refers to something you do because of custom, whether that’s a local or cultural custom, or a family custom (Customarily, we end the festival with a bonfire and a song).

Ordinarily suggests something that you do very often, or more often than not, whereas customarily generally suggests something that you do in certain circumstances or contexts.

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