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dissemble is a synonym of disguise

verb [ dih-sem-buhl ]

dissemble is another word for disguise

Disguise means to change your appearance in order to conceal your identity. It can also mean to cover something up by misrepresenting it—essentially, by making it look different than it really is (I disguised the spill by covering it with a rug; I disguised myself with a big hat and fake mustache).

Dissemble means to give a misleading impression of something, or to conceal the truth of it (He dissembled about his motive in taking the job).

Disguise is used more often, and generally suggests a focus on appearances, either your own or that of something else (I disguised the oddly-shaped cake with frosting).

Dissemble often suggests a focus on language—using language and speech in such a way as to hide the truth (She was known to dissemble about business practices when interviewed by the media).

Write about a classmate or friend who likes to dissemble with the help of Grammar Coach.

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visualize is a synonym of envision

verb [ vizh-oo-uh-lahyz ]

visualize is another word for envision

Envision means to picture something in your mind, especially a future event (He spent the day envisioning his ideal wedding).

Visualize means to picture something in your mind, often in great detail (visualize a pink elephant).

Envision and visualize have very similar meanings. But visualize can be used to refer to any kind of mental picture of something (I visualize my goals to keep me focused at work).

Envision generally, but not always, implies an element of realism or a likelihood that the envisioned event will occur (I couldn’t envision the conversation going well).

Try visualizing an event that happened to you, and then write about it with the help of Grammar Coach.

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witty is a synonym of funny

adjective [ wit-ee ]

witty is another word for funny

Funny describes someone who is good at making other people laugh, or tends to behave in a way that amuses other people (People liked him because he was funny).

Witty describes someone who has a lot of wit—they’re perceptive and clever, and use those skills to amuse people (She was a very witty writer).

Funny is more general: it can involve being witty, or it can involve making jokes, or doing amusing things (He was always making jokes that were funny but a bit silly).

Witty describes a specific way of being funny, where you use cleverness and insightfulness to express yourself (He had a witty and dry sense of humor).

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