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ordeal is a synonym of experience

noun [ awr-deel, -dee-uhl, awr-deel ]

ordeal is another word for experience

Experience and ordeal both refer to an event or happening that you go through (It’s normal to be upset after such an ordeal; Our trip abroad was a wonderful experience).

Experience is more general, and can refer to positive events as well as neutral or negative ones (Traveling through the wilderness was quite an experience).

Ordeal implies a very negative experience (You need to take it easy after your ordeal with the shark).

Ordeal can be used jokingly to describe a very mild negative experience (I deserve a treat after that ordeal at the hardware store).

Checking out these synonyms shouldn’t be an ordeal!

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acceptable is a synonym of good

adjective [ ak-sep-tuh-buhl ]

acceptable is another word for good

Good and acceptable both describe things that are satisfactory (a good sandwich; an acceptable performance).

Good suggests something that is positive overall, but could be improved to become great (It was overall a good essay).

Acceptable describes something that meets the minimum expectation, and, generally, needs improving (The hotel room was acceptable, though dated).

Acceptable is sometimes used as a kinder or more polite way to describe something as somewhat unsatisfactory (The coffee was…acceptable).

We hope these synonyms will be at least acceptable!

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dissemble is a synonym of disguise

verb [ dih-sem-buhl ]

dissemble is another word for disguise

Disguise means to change your appearance in order to conceal your identity. It can also mean to cover something up by misrepresenting it—essentially, by making it look different than it really is (I disguised the spill by covering it with a rug; I disguised myself with a big hat and fake mustache).

Dissemble means to give a misleading impression of something, or to conceal the truth of it (He dissembled about his motive in taking the job).

Disguise is used more often, and generally suggests a focus on appearances, either your own or that of something else (I disguised the oddly-shaped cake with frosting).

Dissemble often suggests a focus on language—using language and speech in such a way as to hide the truth (She was known to dissemble about business practices when interviewed by the media).

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