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fascinating is a synonym of amazing

adjective [ fas-uh-ney-ting ]

fascinating is another word for amazing

✅ Amazing and fascinating can both describe things that are interesting and cool (a fascinating inventionan amazing new album).

Amazing describes something that causes wonder or surprise, or something excellent or fantastic (What an amazing view!).

Fascinating describes something that is particularly interesting, charming, or captivating (a fascinating lecturer).

Amazing focuses on a sense of spectacle, whereas fascinating focuses on the idea that the thing described piqued your interest or curiosity (The concert was amazing; The class was fascinating).

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alleviate is a synonym of help

verb [ uh-lee-vee-eyt ]

alleviate is another word for help

Help means to give aid to someone, assist them, or make something easier for them (I asked them to help me with moving).

Alleviate means to make something easier to bear, lessen something, or mitigate it (Everyone’s support alleviated my sadness).

Help is more general, and can mean to make something easier for someone to bear, or contribute to lessening their pain (The new tablets really helped my migraines)

Alleviate focuses more on the idea of healing, fixing or changing something, either fully or partially, in a way that makes someone feel better or makes something easier for them (We decided to alleviate her burden by bringing her food for the week).

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dreadful is a synonym of bad

adjective [ dred-fuhl ]

dreadful is another word for bad

Dreadful describes something that is extremely and particularly bad (a dreadful cup of coffee).

Bad can describe something that is of poor quality or inadequate, or it can describe a person or thing that is evil or wicked. Dreadful can be used to suggest a stronger sense of wickedness or inadequacy (A bad witch; a dreadful villain).

Dreadful can mean that something is ugly, or particularly unpleasant. Bad can mean unpleasant, but doesn’t usually suggest ugliness (We’re having such bad weather; What a dreadful hat).

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