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dreadful is a synonym of bad

adjective [ dred-fuhl ]

dreadful is another word for bad

Dreadful describes something that is extremely and particularly bad (a dreadful cup of coffee).

Bad can describe something that is of poor quality or inadequate, or it can describe a person or thing that is evil or wicked. Dreadful can be used to suggest a stronger sense of wickedness or inadequacy (A bad witch; a dreadful villain).

Dreadful can mean that something is ugly, or particularly unpleasant. Bad can mean unpleasant, but doesn’t usually suggest ugliness (We’re having such bad weather; What a dreadful hat).

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indicate is a synonym of show

verb [ in-di-keyt ]

indicate is another word for show

Indicate and show both mean to make something visible or evident, or to direct someone’s attention to something (She indicated where we could find snacks; She showed us the way home).

Show is a more general word, and can mean to display something or to point something out (Show me what the problem is).

Indicate can suggest pointing something out in a more precise and specific way than show, or it can suggest making something evident in a more implicit way (They indicated their unhappiness by going quiet, though they never said anything).

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backing is a synonym of support

noun [ bak-ing ]

backing is another word for support

Support and backing can both refer to all kinds of aid that people give (He offered us a lot of much-needed support; We couldn’t do this without the backing of our patrons).

Backing can imply a greater level of support or a sense of dedication from the people helping you (The legislation had the backing of almost all the politicians).

Backing generally suggests financial support, or the support of some kind of official organization or an organized group of people (The cause had the backing of an animal charity).

Support is a more general word, but can suggest private aid or help rather than the public aid or help suggested by backing (We had support from all our family members).

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