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comprehend is a synonym of understand

verb [ kom-pri-hend ]

comprehend is another word for understand

Understand and comprehend mean very similar things. Understand suggests grasping something fully, including its implications or implicit or unspoken elements (I understand exactly what she means, though she won’t state it outright).

Comprehend suggests thoroughly understanding something, and how it relates to other concepts or facts (I comprehend the causes of World War One).

Understand is less formal and more commonly used than comprehend (I understand geometry).

Now that you comprehend the differences, check out these synonyms!

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durable is a synonym of strong

adjective [ door-uh-buhl, dyoor- ]

durable is another word for strong

Strong describes something that resists force or strain (The rope was very strong).

Durable describes something that resists decay and wear over time, and lasts well (This chair is very durable in construction—it’s still good after fifty years).

Strong is a more general word, but can suggest that something is well made, or made of materials that are difficult to damage (The castle had strong walls).

Durable particularly implies that something has been made to last (These bicycle tires are particularly durable).

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adore is a synonym of love

verb [ uh-dawr, uh-dohr ]

adore is another word for love

Love and adore both refer to a strong sense of affection.

Love can refer to a sense of affection that is passionate and romantic, platonic, or simply an intense liking for something (I love my nieces and nephews; I love pizza).

Adore often suggests greater intensity than love (I adore Shakespeare’s work).

✅ When referring to affection for a person, adore suggests an intense admiration combined with deep affection (I adore my friends).

We hope you’ll adore these synonyms.

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