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exhibit is a synonym of display

verb [ ig-zib-it ]

exhibit is another word for display

Display refers in general to arranging items so they can be properly seen (Please display the cakes in the window).

Exhibit refers to displaying things officially in the context of a show or exhibition (She decided to exhibit her paintings).

✅ Exhibit carries an extra connotation that what is displayed can be judged, either officially as a competition or unofficially (He exhibited his collection of quilts).

Display and exhibit can also both refer to showing off your feelings, personality, or qualities (She displayed great confidence; They exhibited their knowledge).

Try using exhibit in a paragraph describing an art show with the help of Grammar Coach.

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portion is a synonym of part

noun [ pawr-shuhn, pohr- ]

portion is another word for part

Part is the best word to refer to a section of a whole thing, either separated from the whole or otherwise distinct from it (I gave her part of my lunch).

Portion is the best word to refer to a part of something that has been assigned or given, especially for a purpose (This is your portion of the work to do).

Portion can be used synonymously with part, but usually portion is used to refer to a part assigned to a person or alloted for a purpose (I ate my portion of the cake), while part is the more general of the two words (He only did part of the task).

This is the part where we direct you to more synonyms for portion!

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practice is a synonym of custom

noun [ prak-tis ]

practice is another word for custom

Custom and practice both refer to established ways of doing things. Custom usually applies to traditional ways of doing things in a community or culture, but it can also refer to a person’s established way of doing something (local Halloween customs; British customs).

Practice refers to an established system, procedure, or set of habits (company practice; It’s her practice to wash fabric before using it).

Custom emphasizes tradition, whereas practice emphasizes a defined way of doing things that is preferred or most efficient.

Customs are often socially or emotionally important. Practice doesn’t carry the same connotation (It’s our family’s custom to eat fish at Christmas; It’s our practice to take our shoes off indoors).

It’s our practice to encourage you to take a look at these synonyms!

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