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transport is a synonym of carry

verb [ trans-pawrt, -pohrt ]

transport is another word for carry

✅  Carry refers to taking something to another location, whether through your own power or using a vehicle (I carried the plants to the car).

✅  Transport refers to taking a large load, often goods, to a location using a vehicle (I transported the building materials to the site).

✅  Transport emphasizes the moving of a load to a new location, whereas carry emphasizes the act of taking on the load (transport the kids to the campsite; This truck can carry a lot of equipment).

✅  Carry is the more general word, while transport applies more specifically to large loads.

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ambiance is a synonym of environment

noun [ am-bee-uhns; French ahn-byahns ]

ambiance is another word for environment

✅  Environment is the best word to use to refer to physical surroundings or to refer metaphorically to background factors, especially social and cultural ones (a supportive environment).

✅  Ambiance is the best word to describe the atmosphere of the environment or surroundings, especially their mood or tone (a pleasant ambiance).

✅  Both words describe the setting or surroundings against which something happens, but environment is more literal, referring to concrete factors that can be physical, emotional or social (a frozen environment), whereas ambiance is less concrete and focuses on the mood or feeling a setting evokes (a laid-back ambiance).

Try describing the ambiance of your favorite restaurant with the help of Grammar Coach.

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behind is a synonym of after

preposition [ bih-hahynd ]

behind is another word for after

✅  After is the best word to use when something happens later than a certain fixed point in time (After lunch we’ll go to the museum), but can also refer imprecisely to the position of something in space (Their house is after the intersection).

✅  Behind can also refer to your relationship to a fixed point of time, meaning that at that fixed point, you weren’t where you were supposed to be (I was running behind schedule), but this is a less frequent use. Behind more often refers to something that is physically at the rear of another person or thing (She was standing behind me).

✅  When referring to something following something else, behind is more precise than after, and after usually suggests that the people or things you’re referring to are in motion somehow (They went in one after the other; I hid behind the sofa).

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