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club is a synonym of circle

noun [ kluhb ]

club is another word for circle

Circle is the best word for an informal group of people connected by something they have in common, often a lifestyle, job, or hobby (I joined a sewing circle).

Club is the best word for an organized group of people who spend time together in pursuit of a hobby, sport, or other interest (I’d been a member of the yacht club for a while).

✅ In reference to social groups, a club usually has a defined membership, whereas a circle refers to a small group of people who are interested or involved in a certain hobby and are casually connected.

✅ When used with a plural, circle refers to a large subsection of society involved with an occupation, hobby, or lifestyle, especially one that can be considered a community (theatrical circles; political circles).

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confidence is a synonym of trust

noun [ kon-fi-duhns ]

confidence is another word for trust

Trust is the best word when you have complete belief in someone or something, especially because of a pre-existing relationship (I trusted that he would always help me).

Confidence is the best word when you believe in someone or something based on evidence or experience (I had confidence in her ability to fix the car).

Confidence suggests that you have evidence for reliance on someone or something, whereas trust can be more general or can imply an unquestioning belief (He trusted her to take care of everything; She had confidence in him because of their long friendship).

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attain is a synonym of earn

verb [ uh-teyn ]

attain is another word for earn

Earn refers to gaining a reward of some kind in return for hard work (He had really earned a vacation).

Attain refers to accomplishing a goal (She attained the rank of officer).

✅ Although very similar, attain emphasizes reaching the goal, whereas earn emphasizes the work that went into reaching the goal or getting the reward (earned a promotion; attained first place in the competition).

Attain can often imply a large-scale goal, whereas earn can be used regardless of the size of goal (attain fame and stardom; earn points on a credit card).

You’ve earned the chance to take a look at these synonyms for attain!

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