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current is a synonym of stream

noun [ kur-uhnt, kuhr- ]

current is another word for stream

Stream can refer to an actual body of water that is smaller than a river and follows a course (I crossed the stream carefully).

Current can refer to the flow of a river or to the flow of a section of water in a larger body like the ocean (The current swept the debris away).

Stream and current are synonymous when referring to a flow of liquid or a similar flow, figurative or physical (a stream of blood; a stream of visitors; shifting wind currents; intellectual currents of the period).

Try using current in a sentence about the ocean with the help of Grammar Coach.

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purpose is a synonym of intent

noun [ pur-puhs ]

purpose is another word for intent

Intent is the best word when you have a wish, goal, or desire that you’re going to carry out, especially when expressed in a formal or legal context (an intent to commit burglary; Their intent was to save the company).

Purpose is the best word for a less formal or more broad goal (His purpose in asking the question was to solve the crime), and can also refer to the determination needed to achieve that goal (She had a strong sense of purpose).

✅ The phrases ‘with intent’ and ‘on purpose’ both suggest that you knew what you were doing and expected the consequences. ‘With intent’ carries that meaning more strongly (I broke it on purpose; He attacked with intent).

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exhibit is a synonym of display

verb [ ig-zib-it ]

exhibit is another word for display

Display refers in general to arranging items so they can be properly seen (Please display the cakes in the window).

Exhibit refers to displaying things officially in the context of a show or exhibition (She decided to exhibit her paintings).

✅ Exhibit carries an extra connotation that what is displayed can be judged, either officially as a competition or unofficially (He exhibited his collection of quilts).

Display and exhibit can also both refer to showing off your feelings, personality, or qualities (She displayed great confidence; They exhibited their knowledge).

Try using exhibit in a paragraph describing an art show with the help of Grammar Coach.

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