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Republicans who still hope to wield power through the system but disagree with its direction are left trying to figure out how to appeal to voters who want something they won’t provide.

That faction won’t immediately wield power, but they might eventually gather more steam.

Salsman allegedly targeted vulnerable women he felt he could wield power over, according to the charging document.

Senators, staff, media and police wielding automatic weapons grabbed lunches of chicken and beef.

Compassion, too, requires self-cultivation, and it means that harmful acts such as wielding one’s power to repress others have no place in Buddhist ethics.

But the last national figure to wield ancient personal authority in an explicitly religious way was Robert F. Kennedy.

They are elites, in short, even though they make less money and wield less power than others of that designation.

Few sore losers could wield sharp words quite like Leon Trotsky, especially when talking about Joseph Stalin.

Traditional authorities in social institutions such as churches wield less control too.

Women have been trying to wield Internet shame against men for years now to little avail.

Public opinion is mightier than Congress; and they who wield or control that do, in reality, bear rule.

Old Time is doing his work full well—Much less of might does the tyrant wield; But, ah!

Every Englishman who could wield a sword was called to the defense of his country.

Who has not known such without longing for a whip of scorpions, and a strong arm to wield it?

A hundred brawny arms, accustomed to wield the broad axe, had lent their aid to rear the mighty pile and feed the ravening flame.


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