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verb as in walk heavily

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Example Sentences

They quickly agree to desert and trudge across the titular field to an alleged alehouse.

"We really wanted stainless," says the crestfallen pair, and trudge back out the door.

That would be a trudge to take time, indeed; harder than crossing the Kalahari (Note 4) itself.

A man would feel that he was not altogether a mere machine, to do so much work and then trudge home and sleep.

The position, after a trudge of fifteen miles, was estimated at five miles east of the one-hundred-and-twenty-three-mile mound.

A two-mile trudge across a duck-walk over 'b——y meadow' brought us to the famous Ridgewood Dug-outs.

At first the ascent had seemed tedious enough, as dull as the trudge to her other lessons.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for trudge?

Trudge means to walk heavily, wearily, or with difficulty. Close synonyms include plod, tramp, lumber, and slog. The word schlep is sometimes used similarly, but it usually implies that something is being carried.

Trudge can also be used as a noun meaning a long, difficult, tiring walk. Slog and tramp can also be used this way. Other synonyms for this sense are the noun use of traipse and the more figurative senses of hike and trek.

What is the opposite (antonym) of trudge?

Trudge usually implies difficulty and tiredness. Some words that suggest the opposite—walking lightly or easily—are patter, tiptoe, and the figurative use of glide.

Where does trudge come from?

The origin of trudge is uncertain. It could be a blending of the words tread and drudge. There is no strong evidence for the popular theory that claims that it comes from a word in multiple Scandinavian languages that sounds similar to trudge and means “to walk using snowshoes.”

How do you use trudge in a sentence?

Trudge is used when someone is walking laboriously or in a way that shows exhaustion or difficulty.

Here are some examples of trudge in a sentence:

  • The kids just trudged upstairs to bed.
  • We were trudging through the muddy field, hoping to find our way back to the trail. 
  • The walk up the hill to the old church is a real trudge.

On this page you'll find 43 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to trudge, such as: lumber, plod, slog, stumble, traipse, and tramp.

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