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For now, an attempt to break into your mind could easily be thwarted by closing your eyes, or wiggling fingers, or even getting drowsy.
It’s a role he grew into, first thanks to insight he gained keeping his own hives, and more recently by embracing the latest in security technology to thwart thieves.
Amazon effort to thwart Alabama union drive suffers early defeat at labor boardBy rule, Amazon’s frenzy of anti-union campaigning in Bessemer will slow soon enough.
When the spike protein changes, however, it can become harder for our immune system to recognize and, ultimately, thwart.
Meanwhile, Stanton camped out in his War Department office and thwarted attempts to replace him.
When their hopes are thwarted, they tend to become more focused on doing things to achieve their goals.
Last week, the Federal Trade Commission and a group of more than 45 states led by New York filed a pair of lawsuits against Facebook alleging the social-media giant thwarted competition to protect its monopoly.
Amazon effort to thwart Alabama union drive suffers early defeat at labor boardThe size of the unit has been a point of contention in the initial filings by each side.
The Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general led by New York filed antitrust complaints against Facebook Wednesday, alleging conduct that thwarted competition from rivals in order to protect its monopoly.
Research by Ponemon’s consulting firm shows only about 15% of health care organizations have adopted the technology, training and procedures necessary to manage and thwart the stream of cyberattacks they face on a regular basis.


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