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His goal of success on the global stage eluded him however, as TSM departed Worlds with a winless performance.

Direct evidence has eluded researchers, but there are suggestive examples.

All that was missing through the 1990s and into the 2000s was a championship, which eluded Los Angeles across seven managers, seven general managers and three ownership changes.

Ghabboun holds degrees in interior design and web design, but steady work as a designer has eluded him.

These online meetups often provide a richness of topical conversation that eludes the town halls staged by TV news networks.

As he put it, bad actors are consistently developing more sophisticated deepfakes that can elude the best detection software, and there is no sign the race is slowing down.

The secret of how these water bears persisted eluded Eswarappa and his team until one day when the researchers happened to view a tube of the ground-up tardigrades in a UV transilluminator, used to visualize fluorescence in the lab.

In Nebraska, the seven-day average of cases hit a record Saturday, joining Midwestern and Western states including Wisconsin, Montana and the Dakotas in confronting a virus that had eluded them until recently.

Because they have no electric charge, gluons tend to elude experimental measurements, and that has left the particles neglected in theoretical calculations as well.

Neuroscientists have long assumed that questions about how loneliness might work in the human brain would elude their data-driven labs.


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