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However, on a square matrix, a “circle” will always have many corners and projections that will tend to increase the perimeter beyond that of squares, whose borders are much smoother.

Tellingly, these systems tended to form under a different type of stress — when forces pulled outward on a rock instead of pushing it in.

Even if runners are experiencing mild symptoms, Shoham said, ultramarathoners tend to run through pain or illness and “could be in denial about what’s going on.”

Kids need to understand that they tend to be rich both in calories and in “concoctions of chemicals that do not support human health — physical or mental.”

That’s particularly good news because vaccines often are not as effective in older people, because immune systems tend to weaken with age.

These terrible roles tended to further underscore that she would always be best-known for wearing a dress.

He tended to shield himself from disappointment by expecting the worst—of people and of his country.

There are lovingly tended flower beds along each road and surrounding every barrack.

They felt confident of victory (and I tended to agree) and were talking about next steps.

There were also “NASCAR moms” and “soccer moms,” other designations that tended to favor Republicans, as do married women today.

The only thing that at all tended to shake this conviction, was the extraordinary poltroonery of our new captive.

He had lost the dream that Tony but tended a blossom, the fruit of which would come sweetly to his plucking afterwards.

The tobacco fields are faithfully tended, and the utmost pains taken to secure large, well-formed leaves.

His mind with all its sternness ever tended to clemency, and his constitutional prudence, or measure, forbade purposeless excess.

But I never manifested my opinion in a way which can be construed into a crime, or which tended to occasion any disturbance.


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