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In this as in most cases, the shortest and safest way to seem is to be.

The safest plan is to ascend them without too heavy an encumbrance of theories.

The safest way is to keep in constant motion, until some dry clothes can be procured, and to exchange them as soon as possible.

This is the safest and best application for the itch, and will have no disagreeable smell, if made in the following manner.

I pushed rapidly ahead, for it was not the safest place in which to be attacked.

Somebody asks what they are; if you do not know, the safest answer is to reply that they are gold.

With proper use the canoe is one of the safest crafts that floats.

Tell him, too, that this bond of affection is the safest and best of all ties.

I find it safest to assume that every man is a gentleman, and every woman a lady.

The mine is just now, to my mind, the safest place for anybody at all compromised.


c.1300, "unscathed, unhurt, uninjured; free from danger or molestation, in safety, secure; saved spiritually, redeemed, not damned;" from Old French sauf "protected, watched-over; assured of salvation," from Latin salvus "uninjured, in good health, safe," related to salus "good health," saluber "healthful," all from PIE *solwos from root *sol- "whole" (cf. Latin solidus "solid," Sanskrit sarvah "uninjured, intact, whole," Avestan haurva- "uninjured, intact," Old Persian haruva-, Greek holos "whole").

As a quasi-preposition from c.1300, on model of French and Latin cognates. From late 14c. as "rescued, delivered; protected; left alive, unkilled." Meaning "not exposed to danger" (of places) is attested from late 14c.; of actions, etc., "free from risk," first recorded 1580s. Meaning "sure, reliable, not a danger" is from c.1600. Sense of "conservative, cautious" is from 1823. Paired alliteratively with sound (adj.) from late 14c. The noun safe-conduct (late 13c.) is from Old French sauf-conduit (13c.).

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.