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noun as in lance

noun as in weapon

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On a scorching day this August, Caleb Woodall wielded his shovel like a spear, stabbing it into the hardened crust of an asbestos-filled pit near Coalinga, California.

Scientists long believed that the ancients who lived 80,000 years ago were the first to throw spears with stone tips.

The first spear-throwers tossed their weapons 279,000 years ago — before modern humans existed.

It’s possible, he says, that bone points were attached to multi-pronged spears that were thrown or thrust at fish.

Each of two newly analyzed specimens sports a toothy lower jaw and one giant spear jutting down from its top jaw.

In some versions of that story, the spear is the first weapon George tries.

The earliest clear evidence of a human killed by a spear dates to roughly 100,000 years ago.

And, as we all know, “this ‘war on Christmas’ is the tip of the spear in a larger battle to secularize our culture.”

This could be the tip of the spear in a larger battle to Christianize Jewish culture.

“I almost died twice today,” Shane exclaims, after beheading the snake with a pointed stick he whittled to a spear.

This was no strange sight to the boy by that time, but it was awkward in the circumstances, for he had neither gun nor spear.

Mafuta immediately rushed at him with a spear, but was caught by the lion on the shoulder, and dragged down.

This last spear is propelled by a throwing-stick, which was also found lying by it.

There they waited to spear the reindeer, while others hid behind rocks near the entrance to drive the reindeer on.

When they worked in this way, they had no trouble in striking off flakes for spear points and knives.


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