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adjective as in economical

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Through it all, Master Chief will be pursued by "a sadistic Spartan killer named Jega 'Rdomnai," who seems to come from the Covenant's red-tinted Banished faction.

Xerxes then wiped out the Spartan force and did exactly that.

We are reminded of his humility and penchant for Spartan training conditions—traits that are of course essential to his monk-like image, an image that certain purists want to see maintained at all costs.

Of the four behavioral rankings at the time — “Novice,” “Brown,” “Gold” and “Spartan,” the highest — he was repeatedly ranked as “Novice,” the lowest.

Despite being Windows 10's default browser, Spartan never achieved significant marketshare, let alone the crushing dominance once enjoyed by Internet Explorer.

Bullough was a third-team all-American and a cornerstone of the Spartan defense.

Having raised up a Spartan fleet to destroy Athens, they then opened their coffers to Athens and helped it rebuild.

Spartan admirals quickly trained themselves for a new kind of war, and one of them, Lysander, mastered it very quickly.

Their sense of security was badly shocked when Spartan ships, fueled by Persian cash, first attacked their military convoys.

There are sad, Spartan stores, endless rundown espresso cafes, and just a handful of attractive restaurants.

And, though it was a shock, there was only one thing I thought of and that was what a little Spartan my sister was.

Spartan Rhea was from Missouri, and belonged to a family intensely Southern in their convictions.

With a Spartan-like resolve she at last put every letter and keepsake into the sacrificial flames.

The Spartan boy did not even make a grimace when the wolf bit him beneath his frock, and these were all Spartan boys.

That was not the true Gordon, but rather the grafting of a new character on the original stem of Spartan simplicity and heroism.


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